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MessageMia - Your Hands-Free Notebook

MessageMia - Your Hands-Free Notebook

  • £1.97
  • monthly

30 DAY FREE TRIAL - Use discount code FREETRIAL at checkout!

Never forget another idea or to-do item. Use MessageMia to record your thoughts on the go. A mobile, easy to use, note taking service.

Call up Mia and leave your message. That’s it – you’re done. No equipment, no call charge – no hands!

You’ll get an email with your message written out and a copy of the voice file. What could be simpler?

Everything about MessageMia is designed to fit smoothly into your life. Ring Mia’s Freephone number – free for mobiles too! – and record up to one minute of notes, ideas or tasks. Mia will get to work transcribing and you will get an email with a text copy and the original voice file.

MessageMia is a low-cost monthly subscription service. There’s no contract and there’s no need to remember renewals. You can cancel at any time!

Plus, because MessageMia is cloud based, we are constantly making improvements and adding extra services for you.

Subscribe now, register your account and get started with your hands-free to-do list and note taker. 

How's MessageMia different to Siri, Google Now and other similar services?

  • Mia's transcription is emailed to you, so you can keep it for as long as you like.
  • Because the transcription is emailed to you, it is easily searchable in future if you need to locate it.
  • Mia also attaches the original audio recording to the email so, in case there's any issue with the transcription accuracy, you can still know what you wanted to remember.