Eureka and catching your great ideas


Eureka and catching your great ideas

History is full of great examples of flashes of inspiration, that a-ha moment of an epiphany.

We call it a eureka moment after one of the early examples. Ancient Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes got into his bath after a long day of inventing. He noticed that the water slopped over the edges of the bath as his body went in. Legend has it he leapt from the bath shouting “Eureka!” (“I have found it!” in Ancient Greek) because he realised he had found a way to work out the volume of an object by the displacement of water.

Science has many such moments, a little nudge or prompt and everything falls into place. Isaac Newton sat under an apple tree sees the fruit falling and all of a sudden understands gravity.

It might seem like a bolt from the blue but it isn’t exactly. When an epiphany comes it is likely that your brain has been working away on the issue subconsciously. Archimedes and Newton were actively engaged in science, maths and trying to understand these things. They had the background knowledge necessary. After all, plenty of other people had seen objects fall or spilled their baths before Newton or Archimedes did.

Their realisations came not when they were sat at their books, working out sums, or carrying out deliberate experiments. It was when their minds were quiet and engaged with other tasks that all the connections fell into place.

It’s the same reason why we have great ideas while driving. Certain parts of our brain are taken up with the repetitive, automatic task of driving a car while others wander free. It’s the perfect environment to have an epiphany.

Unfortunately it’s a very imperfect environment to safely record the results of that epiphany. Few things are more frustrating than having a great idea and then forgetting it. We’ve all experienced it – the idea that would have made our millions, a task we absolutely must do, the perfect line for a book, even just a great idea for someone’s birthday present. These flashes of inspiration come quickly and can go quickly too. But when we are driving it is hard to catch them. Writing a note or typing it on our phone is dangerous and illegal. We might not be able to pull over to do so safely.

Which is where MessageMia comes in. To help you remember great ideas while driving you can call up Mia safely and legally using your normal hands-free set up. Dictate your message and Mia will transcribe it and email it back to you along with the original recording. Hands-free on-the-go note-taking that is safe and legal, keeping you productive even while driving.

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