The Facts on Commuting


The Facts on Commuting

The daily commute sees our rush hour traffic pile up, road rage to get the day off to the worst start, and hours spent getting to and from work.

How does your commute compare to the average? Find out how far and how long people commute, what methods of transport they use and how commutes are changing over time…

  • On average people commuted for 55 minutes a day in 2015.
  • Commutes of more than 2 hours a day have gone up 72% in the last decade.
  • Even bigger commutes of more than 3 hours have gone up 75% in the last decade.
  • More than 3 million people commute for more than 2 hours every day, and 880,000 for more than 3 hours.
  • 21.5 million people commuted to work in 2011 according to the census, out of 26.5 million working people.
  • 66% of commutes were made by car in 2011. That’s down on 2001 numbers.
  • Over 10% of commutes are by rail, up from last decade and bus travel is also rising.
  • London has the biggest numbers of commuters by rail, more people travel by train or underground than drive.
  • Commuting time is increasing most in the south east, south west, east Midlands and Wales.
  • The number of people working from home or not commuting regularly is going up rapidly.
  • Most journeys are made for shopping, not for travelling to and from work.

There are lots of places this research comes from. The census asks questions about people’s workplaces and travel, there’s an annual National Travel Survey, the Office for National Statistics collates lots of information and presents it, then there are independent surveys carried out by companies or organisations, such as the Trade Union Council study.

It all paints an interesting picture of our commuting habits. Less people are commuting, but those who do are travelling for longer. Public transport is being used more but cars still reign in most of the country.

Why are commutes getting longer? Housing shortages in the most-affected areas may be to blame as people must live further away from work to get affordable housing. Increases in trains and buses might also be a factor as these methods might take longer than travelling directly by car – though there are lots of advantages to public transport as well.

Commuting by car can be especially frustrating as there isn’t much you can get done on your commute while staying safe and legal. It isn’t the most productive way to travel but millions of people are doing it every day, sometimes for hours.

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