MessageMia and Getting Things Done


MessageMia and Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is a time management and productivity system by David Allen that has become legendary. It has spawned countless books, apps, accessories, copycats and extensions since the debut of the idea in 2001.

What makes it so phenomenally popular? Why are so many people devoted to the system?

At the heart of GTD is the idea of capturing all the little items that are floating around in your head at any one time. The to dos, the ideas, the tasks, the things you need to remember. Allen says “your mind is for having ideas, not holding them” and that is something of a motto for GTD. He calls these “open loops” or “incompletes” and the theory is that having them buzzing around in your head is distracting and causes anxiety from worrying you are going to forget something.

So the first step is capturing and collecting all those incompletes. Anyone who has done a proper brain dump – whether related to GTD or not – knows how freeing it feels to get everything out of there. The feeling is almost addictive so it is easy to see why people keep coming back to a system where that is the first step and a very central point.

GTD goes on to provide a really robust and workable system for clarifying your to dos, organising them, reflecting and engaging. It gives users the confidence that their to dos are in a process where they don’t need to keep them in their heads anymore.

It’s also really flexible in organising your tasks by likely time investment and location so you never need to wonder what you should be working on. If you are at your computer and have 15 minutes you can easily find what you should be working on.

The key is to be able to trust your system and not be worrying about all these open loops so collection and capturing is key. Whether it’s an app on your phone, a notebook on your desk or both, you need to know you can get the information down and then into the system.

One of the most frustrating places to have ideas or remember things you need to do, is when you are driving. You can’t simply drop everything to capture new tasks or thoughts on your phone or in a notebook.

Which is exactly the problem MessageMia is here to help you with. Mia is a hands-free way to record your ideas and to dos. Using your usual hands-free setup you call Mia and record a voice message – safely and legally while you are driving. Mia transcribes your note for you and sends it back in an email, along with the original voice file. Your commute and driving time becomes productive, safer and less stressful trying to hold on to ideas.

MessageMia is your hands-free to do list and on-the-go note-taker. Try it now.

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