Monthly Archive March 2017


Forgetting versus Not Remembering

Is there a difference between forgetting, and not remembering? More than just a quirk of the English language that means they might look like the same thing at first glance.

It’s a distinction that might help you wriggle out of a bind in the future. It’s not that you forgot something, it’s that you didn’t remember. It might also explain how tip-of-the-tongue facts elude you watching University Challenge or at the pub quiz.

Some people might argue that it is all purely semantics, or word play. Remembering and forgetting are opposites, they might say, so “not remembering” is the same as “forgetting.” But, like language, the science of memory is complicated. For information to be retained it has to jump through a lot of hoops in the brain. And even then, most of it is lost within days.

Think back to your last encounter with a stranger. The person sat opposite you on the bus, train or tube this morning. The cashier at the corner shop or barista who handed you your morning coffee. Chances are you can’t recall much about them. What were they wearing, what about the colour of their top? You don’t know – but did you forget that information, or did you not remember it in the first place?

Forgetting implies that the information made its way into your brain at some point but that you have trouble getting it back out again. You know when Mother’s Day is (pro-tip, it’s this weekend!) but you forget in the hustle and bustle of life to order flowers, or that it’s this weekend and not still in the distant future.

When prompted, given clues or hints, or reminded properly, the information comes flooding back.

But with not remembering that information never really makes it into your mind in the first place. Maybe you get distracted before you can really make a note of it, before it is embedded. And then it is gone and no amount of prompting or reminders will get it back and you just draw a complete blank.

Of course, with MessageMia you don’t need to worry about either forgetting or not remembering. You don’t need to rely on your busy brain at all. Just make a note with Mia and you will never forget – or not remember – your great ideas, tasks or to-do list jobs. Mia is your hands-free to-do list and on-the-go note-taker. 


How MessageMia Helps Fleet Managers

As a busy fleet manager you have got enough on your plate at the best of times. The last thing you need to deal with is drivers that pick up points and fines for driving using their mobile phone or who are getting distracted and having accidents.

The police are cracking down on drivers who use their mobile phones and public opinion is turning against it – which can lead to trouble for businesses whose drivers are seen on their phones. Careless driving reflects badly on the company too and there could be liability issues. Penalties can hit you where it hurts when it comes to insurance and needing to onboard new drivers fast. Having accidents in the fleet really disrupts things and creates lots more extra work.

At the same time it can be frustrating to have a great idea while driving that you can’t make note of and driving time can feel like a waste.

MessageMia makes driving safer and more productive. Mia is a hands-free to-do list and notebook perfect for when you are on the go. Just call up Mia using the normal hands-free kit and record a voice message. This message is then transcribed and emailed back. All completely safe and legal.

So your drivers can record observations, make notes, capture their great ideas and turn the travel into more productive, useful time.

MessageMia’s bulk discount packages for business are great value and an all-in-one low monthly price. There are no call charges – Mia is free to phone. There’s no app to install – just add Mia to the normal phonebook. There’s no special equipment – a normal hands-free kit is all that is needed. It doesn’t matter what make or model of phone – Mia works for everyone.

Just sign up your drivers and Mia will get their accounts set up with phone number and email address. You don’t need to do anything else.