MessageMia for the Solopreneur Toolkit


MessageMia for the Solopreneur Toolkit

For the solopreneur big entrepreneurial dreams are fuelled by just one person – you. So you have to fill lots of roles and wear lots of different hats during the average day. You need support running the show: targeted to your biggest needs, value for money, allowing you to leverage your time.

There are some great tricks you can use to really maximise your abilities as a solopreneur. These will give you a capacity beyond your normal reach and make your one-person band feel and look like a bigger team.

MessageMia is like having your own note-taking PA and transcriptionist without having the hassle of hiring and human resources. It’s a low-cost subscription with no extra equipment needed – you just save Mia’s number to your phone and call normally, using your hands-free kit if you are driving.

You won’t have the commute into the office as a solopreneur but you might be travelling to visit clients or have meetings that take up a lot of your time. You can make that time productive by recording your notes, great ideas or to-do lists with MessageMia. Get a jump on your emails, presentations and speeches by calling up and leaving your messages. They are then transcribed and emailed back to you, ready to go.

Another task a personal assistant can help with is scheduling meetings – it can take a lot of emailing back and forth to establish a good time for everyone. There are apps like MixMax that sit inside your email and can be used to take the hassle out of scheduling. If you like Slack, Meekan is a scheduling and calendar management bot that can find times and sort your appointments

You can put your marketing on autopilot using tools like Buffer, Quuu, CoSchedule, IFTTT and Zapier. Social media can be a powerful tool for your business but it is also a timesink that can suck you in like a blackhole. You can limit your time spent on it by using automations and limiting the energy you need to spend on it.

ColdTurkey and similar apps can help you with that – by blocking and limiting your access to certain sites to keep you focussed. If you get distracted by Facebook or Twitter you can shut it off until a certain time so you can get that work done.

So get more done with MessageMia, your hands-free on-the-go note-taker.

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