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MessageMia for the Solopreneur Toolkit

For the solopreneur big entrepreneurial dreams are fuelled by just one person – you. So you have to fill lots of roles and wear lots of different hats during the average day. You need support running the show: targeted to your biggest needs, value for money, allowing you to leverage your time.

There are some great tricks you can use to really maximise your abilities as a solopreneur. These will give you a capacity beyond your normal reach and make your one-person band feel and look like a bigger team.

MessageMia is like having your own note-taking PA and transcriptionist without having the hassle of hiring and human resources. It’s a low-cost subscription with no extra equipment needed – you just save Mia’s number to your phone and call normally, using your hands-free kit if you are driving.

You won’t have the commute into the office as a solopreneur but you might be travelling to visit clients or have meetings that take up a lot of your time. You can make that time productive by recording your notes, great ideas or to-do lists with MessageMia. Get a jump on your emails, presentations and speeches by calling up and leaving your messages. They are then transcribed and emailed back to you, ready to go.

Another task a personal assistant can help with is scheduling meetings – it can take a lot of emailing back and forth to establish a good time for everyone. There are apps like MixMax that sit inside your email and can be used to take the hassle out of scheduling. If you like Slack, Meekan is a scheduling and calendar management bot that can find times and sort your appointments

You can put your marketing on autopilot using tools like Buffer, Quuu, CoSchedule, IFTTT and Zapier. Social media can be a powerful tool for your business but it is also a timesink that can suck you in like a blackhole. You can limit your time spent on it by using automations and limiting the energy you need to spend on it.

ColdTurkey and similar apps can help you with that – by blocking and limiting your access to certain sites to keep you focussed. If you get distracted by Facebook or Twitter you can shut it off until a certain time so you can get that work done.

So get more done with MessageMia, your hands-free on-the-go note-taker.


Hands-free on-the-go note taking with Message Mia

MessageMia gives you hands-free on-the-go note taking and in this blog post we are also giving you some top tricks and tips on how to make the most of this great tool.

MessageMia doesn’t have its own app taking up space on your phone, needing updating and so on. It fits seamlessly in with what you already have and your current setup. You just add Mia as a contact and use your normal hands-free dialling to call up and leave a message. It’s so easy to use, with no special equipment or software necessary.

You don’t pay for your calls – just a low monthly subscription and it is all included. So you don’t need to worry about your phone bill or limiting your use. The more you use Mia the better value you get.

Businesses who want MessageMia for their team get great value bulk discounts. You can have everyone productive while on-the-go and improve your efficiency, and your safety.

Safety is an important part of MessageMia. Designed to be great for note-taking while you are on-the-go a big part of that is while driving. Trying to write down an idea, or use a note-taking app on your phone is dangerous. But pulling over is not always safe or convenient either.

Because taking your eyes off the road is so dangerous to yourself and other road users it is also punishable under the law with a £200 fine and six point licence penalty. The police are cracking down on mobile phone use while driving and the government increased the fine and penalty points new for this year.

If you have an accident or incur a fine in your company car you will have to face the music with your boss too, not just the police. And if one of your fleet is caught in an accident or using a mobile phone then the business could be held responsible too.

MessageMia protects you from all these concerns, legal as well as health and safety. Whether you are the driver or fleet manager, an individual or health and safety manager, MessageMia gives you a great way to stay productive on the road.

Commutes can be long and unproductive. You can listen to podcasts or audiobooks to do something useful with your time but you couldn’t create – until MessageMia. Now you can plan out your to-dos, capture all your great ideas, remember tasks, compose emails or presentations. All these notes will be waiting for you when you reach the office. Mia records, transcribes and emails you your notes along with the original voice message.

MessageMia is simple, safe and legal hands-free on-the-go note taking.


Make Progress On Your Goals With MessageMia

It is February already and 2017 is going fast! If you feel like your goals, resolutions and projects that you had planned are getting away from you, it’s time to get back on track. We’re going to be looking at the little things that will help you reach your goals and how MessageMia can help.

Whatever your ambitions are you need the same tools to achieve them. One of the first and most important is that you need time.

We’re all busy. We all need to sleep and eat though some people seem to squeeze more into the day than others. Time management isn’t magic however. We all get the same number of hours in the day. Not that we are advocating cutting your sleep down to 2 hours a day or avoiding friends and family. There are lots of spare pockets of time in the day that you can take advantage of.

In the famous book Getting Things Done, David Allen uses time based to do lists. When you break your to-do list up by the amount of time it will take to achieve each task you make it much easier to pick up the right tasks at the right time. You can easily distinguish between tasks that might take a day, need an hour or be done in five minutes.

Another cornerstone of Allen’s philosophy is the idea of capturing your to do’s. Really organised people always know what they have going on, don’t drop the ball on any tasks and avoid procrastination by knowing exactly what they need to do next.

MessageMia helps you make note of your to dos. Whenever and wherever you remember them. Even if that is somewhere inconvenient like while you are driving. With MessageMia you can brain-dump your to do list on your morning commute and have the transcription in your email inbox by the time you reach the office.

Your commute is a great time to make progress on your goals. Time that would otherwise be wasted can be reclaimed and made useful. As well as making notes with MessageMia about your new project or ambition, you can use your commute productively by listening to relevant podcast or audiobooks. Many people spend an hour a day or even more driving to and from work and this is valuable time you could be using to learn, research your ideas and be inspired.

MessageMia is your hands-free to do list for productivity while you are on the road.


Take MessageMia further with automation

MessageMia is your hands-free notebook perfect for when you are driving. Whether you are already using Mia and want to expand or are looking for new ways to automate your workflow, here are some top tips on taking MessageMia further with automations.

So with MessageMia you call the toll-free number and leave your message – whatever great idea has just occurred to you or to-do list item you have remembered. It is then transcribed and emailed back to you with the voice file attached.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing with your MessageMia emails every time? You can almost certainly automate that and free up your time and effort.

Are Mia’s messages getting lost in your inbox? You can fix that with a quick filter. Most email programs have this ability.

In Gmail you can go to Settings from the gear menu, then Filters and Blocked Addresses to “Create a new filter”. Or you can use the dropdown menu when you are in a MessageMia email and choose “filter messages like this”. That will allow you to add a label to MessageMia emails, star them, archive them, or forward them to your assistant – whatever you like.

IFTTT works behind the scenes to connect together all your accounts and services together. If you aren’t already a user of IFTTT you can sign up for a free account at the site and take a look at some of the amazing tricks you can put to work. You connect all your different accounts to the service and hook them up together using Applets.

Using the If This Then That system we can have receiving a MessageMia email as a trigger, the “this”. Then you just need to decide what you want to do with it, the “that”.

Do you want the voice attachments saved on your Dropbox? Do you want the transcriptions put in a Google Doc? Sent to your favourite to-do list app as a task? Put in an Evernote folder with your other great ideas? Added to your task management software like Trello or Basecamp? IFTTT can do all that and more – automated and behind the scenes so you don’t have to think about it.

You can even pre-categorise your messages by using a code word or phrase when you dictate them to Mia. Say you often leave messages about blog post ideas. When you call Mia you can use “blog post ideas” in your message and you can set filters and triggers to act on that phrase, for different results than ones labelled “things to remember”.

Then it all fits together. You call Mia and leave a message about your blog post ideas. The email gets sent.

Arriving in your inbox the transcription can be labelled “blog post ideas” and archived automatically. Then your blog post idea gets created as a task in your task manager, an event gets added to your calendar to work on it and when you log into WordPress a draft has already been created with the transcription in it and the voice file is in your cloud storage for safekeeping.

You didn’t need to do a thing.