The Best Idea You Never Had


The Best Idea You Never Had

What’s the best idea you never had?

It’s a bit of a brainteaser but worth thinking about. Time to honour all the great ideas that passed you by, all the great ideas you never acted on, all the ideas that could have been great if only you could remember them.

Everyone has had a flash of inspiration and a thought that could make them a millionaire. But dreaming of riches doesn’t get the idea done and too often we move onto the next thing, more pressing business, and the idea drifts away unremembered.

Nowhere is that more common or more frustrating than when we are driving. Great ideas while driving are so common because of the repetitive and automatic movement and concentration that frees up the subconscious parts of our brain to get busy.

Travelling can also prompt ideas as you get a lot of input – signs, shops and businesses, maybe the radio or other audio – and this all comes together to stew in your mind. Sometimes a great idea pops out.

But, tragically, we are driving and we can’t write it down – unsafe and illegal. It might be inconvenient or impossible to pull over – on a motorway for instance. Or we don’t have time and can’t interrupt our journey.

Within seconds our brain is moving on – to the van in front that just cut us up, pedestrians risking life and limb to cross the road right in front of us. A lot of driving is automatic muscle memory but we are still on high alert and things can change quickly.

So the best idea you never had quickly drifts away. Afterwards you might be able to recall having a great idea but having no clue what that great idea was.

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