Safe and Productive Driving Until We Go Driverless


Safe and Productive Driving Until We Go Driverless

A staple of sci fi is the driverless car. Back in the 50s all the pulpy movies and stories imagined we would be whizzing around in them by now. Self driving cars are having a rocky journey but their eventual dominance seems inevitable.

And with good reason. Autonomous cars are vastly safer than human drivers, can’t get tired or distracted, instantly have thousands of hours of driving experience, can sync with each other and remove all concerns of human error. Transport and travel becomes more efficient – no need for traffic lights if the cars can negotiate the right order amongst themselves.

Our lives get more productive as well. All that time freed up from commuting and travel.

We might not be achieving that yet, but driverless cars or no, you can still free up your commute and travel time to be more productive, as well as safer, with MessageMia.

Your hands-free notebook, MessageMia allows you to dictate your notes, to dos, great ideas, tasks, emails and more, even while you are driving. Your notes are transcribed and emailed back to you, ready to use.

Some other great ways to put your commute to use include listening to podcasts, audiobooks or learning a language.

In the privacy of your own car you won’t mind fumbling some French pronunciation or getting confused with Japanese. Reciting along with a language cassette tape, CD, MP3 or podcast is of a long tradition and effective too. The daily routine offered by your commute is great to build up practice and it helps keep you sharp while driving too.

A lot of people wouldn’t read a book even in a driverless car as it makes them travel sick. But whether you prefer a mystery, romance, or latest celebrity memoir, audiobooks are the way to go when driving. You can power through a lot of book in half an hour a day and it helps make the commute more bearable.

Podcasts are also a fantastic way to make the most of your commuting time. There are a massive range out there so you are guaranteed to find something to entertain or educate.

Of course if you want to make notes on anything you’ve just heard, any great ideas it prompted, or tasks you remembered, hit the pause on your audio and call MessageMia hands-free. Leave your message and then continue on your way – your transcript and original voice recording will be waiting in your email for when your driving is done.

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