MessageMia for Better Driving


MessageMia for Better Driving

MessageMia is your hands-free notebook and makes your driving legal, safe and productive. Just all-round better, as we can see here.


First and most importantly, it is an offence to use a mobile phone while driving. If you are holding your phone to make a note, send a text, or use an app, you are breaking the law. From 2017 the penalty is six points on your licence and a £200 fine.

For people who have recently passed their test six points is an instant removal of the driving licence. For commuters and those who drive for a living it is too big a risk to take, especially if you are already carrying points.

MessageMia is hands-free so you stay legal. Just use your normal hands-free kit with your phone to call Mia while on the road.

Using a phone while driving is illegal because it’s so dangerous, which brings up to our second advantage of MessageMia…


Accidents happen when people take their eyes and concentration off the road. The legal penalties above show just how seriously this is being taken and using your phone while driving will soon be as taboo as drink driving and speeding.

If your business has a fleet or uses drivers there are health and safety implications and liabilities to consider. You don’t want to have avoidable accidents to deal with because someone was texting or emailing while driving.

With MessageMia you or your drivers can make notes hands-free that will be emailed back and can be dealt with when it is safe.

People are tempted to be unsafe because they want to be productive while driving, which MessageMia can also help with…

More productive

Driving and commuting time might seem like wasted time because we are so limited in what we can do. But we are likely to have great ideas while driving.

The automatic gestures and concentration of driving, when our brain is on autopilot, plus the changing scenery and movement, trigger the brain to be creative and free thinking. New ideas, remembering to-do tasks, or thinking of great phrases for a speech or email are all common.

Using MessageMia you can capture all these great ideas and to-dos. It really is your hands-free notebook.

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