The Power of Tiny Time


The Power of Tiny Time

We’ve been looking at New Year’s Resolutions for the past few weeks and hopefully yours are going well. Now we are starting to come out of our New Year hangovers and get to grips with 2017 let’s start small. Really small.

We know that multitasking is out – declared unproductive and a sap on our mental bandwidth. Long, concentrated effort is where it is at now. Hours of unbroken, undisturbed time to get absorbed and find that flow state.

Which is great but unfortunately life does not always contain many spaces for such big blocks of time. Carve it out where you can find it but there’s another option too – tiny bits of time put to work and made into something great.

These snatches of time that might at first glance seem too small can be incredibly powerful when taken together. If you want to read more, practice an instrument, learn to code, write a book, draw… don’t discount smaller chunks of time. Procrastination will tell you that there’s no point if the setup isn’t perfect or you don’t have hours to devote to your project. But when done consistently on a daily basis even a few minutes can really add up. And it strengthens the habit so it becomes routine – if you get the chance to expand the time you can.

Newspapers offer digested reads, there are plenty of short instructional YouTube videos and Blinkist is a service that reduces non-fiction books to fifteen minutes of “blinks” – all great ways to squeeze a bit of learning into your day using those spare minutes waiting in line for your lunch or on the bus.

Don’t discount your commute either. Have great ideas while driving and record them safely with hands-free MessageMia. Be more productive, list your to dos and never forget a great idea while driving – call up and leave your message and it is transcribed and emailed back to you. So you can make the most of even the smallest, most inconvenient bits of time.

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