Get More Productive and More Creative for 2017


Get More Productive and More Creative for 2017

Last week we looked at different popular New Year’s Resolutions and how to go about actually achieving them. Now 2017 is only days away so this week we are looking at some of the most popular – about productivity and creativity – and how MessageMia can help you achieve your goals.

Productivity is always high on people’s lists, for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t want to get more done, free up more time, or make more money? Being more creative can boost your career, bringing in more money, improve your brainpower and lead to new hobbies.

So how to nurture these qualities? The good news is that they can be nurtured, so if you don’t feel all that productive or creative right now you can develop the habit.

The best suggestions on productivity involve a laser focus and ruthless time management. Business mentor Michael Hyatt favours goals rather than resolutions, and painstakingly planned ones at that, to keep you focussed and on track. Schedule in time to review the goals you make as part of your resolutions, as well as to actually work on the resolutions themselves.

That focus can lead to you shedding other aspects of your life that don’t align with your new resolutions. Watching less rubbish television means more time at the gym, and vice versa. Saying no to some commitments is the sort of sacrifice – or relief – you might have to make.

Happiness Project writer Gretchen Rubin writes about making new habits and suggests tying them directly into related rewards. That can keep you motivated and on track but avoids the resolution or habit feeling like a chore that you need a reward for. If you are getting up earlier in order to get more work done you can use some of that extra time to enjoy a quiet coffee or meditate.

MessageMia can help you be more productive, turning your commute or business travel into real, usable time. Dictate emails, work on presentations, plan your day and list your to-dos all before you even get to the office. Once you do, MessageMia will have your notes transcribed and emailed to you, ready to go.

One of the keys to being more creative is to be continually flexing your creative muscles, practicing having ideas and thinking outside the box. Some powerful ways to do this are by brainstorming and using ideas such as the “and” technique – combining two random words and thinking about what that might suggest. Combining or expanding older ideas is also a rich source of creativity and experts in the field all seem to agree that a good system for capturing and then storing these ideas is important.

You can use MessageMia to quickly record all your great ideas. A hands-free notebook, MessageMia can be used even while driving. Once you have recorded your brainwave it is transcribed and emailed back to you. It’s then easy to collect all your thoughts and ideas in a file, note app or to-do list program, to review and browse and work on when you get the chance.

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