A new year for resolutions


A new year for resolutions

What’s topping your resolutions list for next year? Losing weight? Writing a book? Learning a language? How about getting more done? Or maybe your resolution is to not have any resolutions.

It’s only natural to think about the year ahead and what you might want it to look like. Though naysayers will correctly point out that we could start a new habit any day of the year there is something about turning over a new leaf with the calendar, a blank slate of a year to put our mark on.

Of course, a lot – most – new year’s resolutions don’t last. They get swept away in the day to day hustle and bustle and become a distant memory.

So what makes a good new year’s resolution? One that is going to stick and become an everyday part of life, not just for the first few days of January.

You need to get really clear about what your motivation is and the underlying issues are.

Have a bit of creativity. Wanting to read more books doesn’t mean you have to sit down and read books. Try an audiobook instead, to see if that will fit into your life better. And like the point above, ask yourself if you really want to read more, or is it that you want to sound smart in conversations? Because that is a different resolution and will need a different approach.

Think about why this isn’t already part of your life. If you want to learn a language, what’s currently stopping you? If you can identify the obstacles and work around them you are giving your resolution the best chance to succeed.

Getting specific will help too. Do you want to fit into your favourite jeans comfortably, or slim down into a wedding outfit? Having that goal is better than a generic “lose weight”.

A year is a daunting timescale for a resolution. So break it down into smaller chunks. Want to write a novel? Work out how many words you need to write each week or day, to get a more manageable plan. Check in every so often – you can revive a resolution for a new week or month, you don’t have to wait for next year.

MessageMia can help you be more productive and remember all your great ideas, even when driving. So if your new year’s resolution involve getting more done, or being more creative, next week we will have even more ideas for you.

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