Distractions on the Road


Distractions on the Road

The Washington Post reports on a story from American travel company AAA that shows tired drivers are as at risk of accidents as drunk drivers. That when tired you might as well be over the limit.

People who had less than four hours sleep were 11.5% more likely to have an accident than those who slept over seven hours. 21% of fatal collisions involved a sleep deprived driver – shocking figures and a sobering look at how dangerous driving without due care and attention can be.

Driving can be dangerous and has its risks. Too much alcohol and a lack of sleep dulls reaction times and causes a loss of concentration and coordination, which contributes to accidents. Another major distraction for drivers is their mobile phone and the government has responded to this by stepping up penalties for 2017. Using a mobile phone while driving now has a six point penalty and £240 fine.

For drivers who have only passed their test in the last two years a six point penalty will result in their licence being rescinded – indicating the level of seriousness.

Fumbling around with a mobile phone, holding it, being distracted by ringing or alerts, or trying to text, all massively take attention away from where it needs to be. Reflexes are slower, eyes may not even be on the road and hands aren’t both available to actively drive.

Of course, we spend a lot of time in our cars and it can feel like a waste of time not to be able to multitask a bit, or that we are out of the loop on messages and information. Pulling over is the obvious solution, or ignore the phone completely for complete safety.

MessageMia is an alternative. A hands-free note taking service it is safe and legal and can help you make the most of you driving time. Never forget another great idea while driving or item for your to do list. MessageMia records your message, then transcribes and emails it back to you.

So no driving drunk, tired, or on your mobile phone, and if you want a safe way to take notes on the road try MessageMia.

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