How to come up with less-stress gift ideas


How to come up with less-stress gift ideas

That time of year is upon us, the time to pull out your credit card and rack your brains coming up with gift ideas… then storming round the shops around the 22nd in a panic.

So MessageMia has some tips and tricks for less stress this holiday season.

Get in the gift-giving zone, browse websites and wander round the shops – then think of ideas for people. Trying to come up with ideas in isolation is hard and doesn’t work, so surround yourself with potential ideas first.

Avoid clutter and environmental mayhem with gifts of experiences. Tickets for a show, vouchers for a meal, or something a bit more extreme like paintballing, rally car driving and the like. There are companies catering to gift experiences or you can plan your own. It may seem simple but it’s the sort of thing a lot of people want but never quite get round to organising for themselves – even if it’s just the cinema.

It’s a bit late now but put this on your new year’s resolution list: be on alert for gift ideas all year round. Have a page in the back of your diary, or a note in an app and collect little hints or mentions of interests from people. Bonus, works for birthdays too.

When you have that blinding flash of inspiration… make a note of it! There’s nothing more frustrating than having thought of the perfect gift idea only to forget it. Sometimes ideas come in the unlikeliest of places so you have to be ready. This can cause a problem if you are driving but that’s somewhere we actually get a lot of great ideas.

You can’t jot a note in that case, but MessageMia is your hands-free note-taking service here to help. Use your normal hands-free kit to call up Mia and leave your recording. Then the voice file and a transcription are emailed back to you. So you never have to forget another great idea while driving again.

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