Steer clear of Christmas driving hazards


Steer clear of Christmas driving hazards

Winter time and Christmas can make driving a bit trickier than usual. Bad conditions on the roads, distractions and extra socialising create hazards. Steer clear of the issues for a safe Christmas period.

Road conditions can be bad but also very changeable during the winter. Watch out for hazards like black ice, make sure to check the weather forecast before travelling. With the constant rain leave extra room for breaking and check your tyres regularly. A low winter sun on wet roads can be a real headache for visibility – sunglasses aren’t just for summer. An emergency pack in the boot with maintenance gear, spare screen wash, light bulbs and blanket will come in handy if you are unlucky enough to break down.

December is a peak month for drink driving offences and many forces put on extra patrols and checks. It’s also a peak month for socialising with family, friends and work parties to celebrate the holidays. Organise a designated driver or book a taxi and don’t take the risk.

Everything can be an extra rush during the holidays with lots of errands and commitments to juggle. No matter how busy you get, stick to the speed limit and don’t take your hands off the wheel to use your mobile phone. In 2017 the penalties for using a mobile phone while driving will be increased to a six point penalty and £200 fine. And it’s dangerous anytime.

Get a hands-free kit for your car so you can safely call to say you are running late or make arrangements. If you think of an urgent to-do or have a great gift idea don’t try to type up a note on your phone. You don’t need to wait and risk forgetting though, with MessageMia you can record your note hands-free and have it transcribed and emailed back to you. Never forget another great idea while driving and stay safe over Christmas with MessageMia.

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