Hands-free Productivity


Hands-free Productivity

Productivity is the buzzword and the ideal but do you ever feel like it remains a distant goal? It can take a lot of time, energy and, yes, productivity, to get productive.

So here’s some ideas on how to achieve hands-free productivity. Work smarter and be more productive.

With MessageMia even your commute can be productive time. For hands-free note-taking on the go just call Mia and leave your message. It is then transcribed and sent back to you by email along with the original voice file. Simple, quick hands-free productivity.

Don’t risk an accident or points on your licence by trying to use your phone or notebook to jot something down. And don’t resign yourself to forgetting your great ideas or your to-dos just because you are driving. Using your normal hands-free equipment you can call MessageMia and never forget a great idea while driving.

IFTTT just got a revamp. Standing for IF This Then That, it offers to “do more with the services you love”. Link up all your logins and you can use applets to take care of so much business behind the scenes. Use your phone’s location services to send a text home when you leave the office. Get a push notification if rain is forecast. Sync your profile pics for all your social media. Just set it up once and save time every day.

It’s good for your phone and its memory too – you don’t need a bunch of different apps doing all these things. Just one app to co-ordinate all your existing services and bring them together in the way that best suits you.

Don’t rely on your own willpower or waste time fussing with your wifi when there are lots of services you can use to block websites and apps for better productivity. TinyFilter, SelfControl, Cold Turkey and StayFocused all let you block certain websites and even email, completely, after a certain amount of time or for certain periods of the day. Other programs like RescueTime will monitor your usage to help you identify time-sinks and distractions.

So get more productive today with these hands-free productivity helpers.

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