How do you like to travel?


How do you like to travel?

Maybe you dream of chauffeured cars and first class flights or are more at home in the saddle of a cycle or motorbike – even a horse. Unfortunately, our commutes are rarely so glamorous but we can still dream of planes, trains and automobiles.

Each method has its advantages and, more noticeably, its disadvantages.

Train – Fast, when they are on time. Productive, when you can get a seat. The potential of rail travel is more often spoiled by the reality. Sure you could get a great table with a plug socket for your laptop and room to spread out your papers but you could just as easily get squeezed in between raucous football fans travelling to an away game or sat on the floor by the toilet.

Bus – Buses used to have a good coverage and frequency going for them but now seem like the worst of all worlds. Crowded and with timetables cut they are not a place to be getting any work done. About as productive as you can be is to read the Metro or flick through Instagram.

Car – A more direct door-to-door experience that can be equal parts liberating and frustrating. All the responsibility is yours but at least you can also take charge over the route, temperature and music. But you have no control over the traffic, other drivers, weather conditions and rising blood pressure they provoke.

Taxi – If you aren’t in London then catching a taxi has never been a very on-the-fly experience but the new generation of apps are changing that. Still, taxis are expensive and even more so when there is a surge on. Being driven about is super convenient for working or relaxing during your journey though.

Plane – over seriously long distances planes are about the only option if you are not looking for “the experience” of weeks on a boat or train. Flying is one of the most common fears so for many people it’s no fun at all. With high baggage prices, minimal leg room and increasingly non-existent refreshments it’s not the luxury it once was – unless you leave economy behind and are inducted into the luxuries of business or first class where you can work and play in comfort and style.

Travelling by car looks like pretty unproductive time compared to the others but it doesn’t have to be. You can knock out that disadvantage and make your commute more productive with MessageMia, your hands-free note-taking service.

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