Want to have more great ideas?


Want to have more great ideas?

Find out how to unlock your creativity and get more done, courtesy of MessageMia

Be ready whenever inspiration strikes. Make sure you have a notebook or an app on your phone to save and organise all your ideas. An app has the advantage of being safe storage, usually on the cloud, and ideally to sync across your different devices. So your notes are backed up and available to work on wherever and whenever.

At the same time as being ready you can also train inspiration to strike. Cue yourself with a song to get in the mood, reading something inspiring, looking at a vision board and so on. These little rituals will start to trigger your brain to know that it is time to bring on the big ideas.

Because the mind is a muscle we can give it some workouts to strengthen it up. Crosswords, sudoku, brainteasers and brain training programmes help to keep the mind sharp. Meditation, mindfulness, journaling and dream diaries clear the mind and give it space to come up with those great ideas.

Give yourself warm-up exercises – writing prompts, ten minutes to do a sketch, brainstorm some quick ideas. Fit it into your schedule even if it means putting it in your calendar. Even ten minutes a day will bring big benefits. Every day is best, even if only for a few minutes – it will be easier to expand that time but harder to keep the habit up if it isn’t practiced every day.

Keep the inspiration tank topped up by discovering new things, reading fiction and non-fiction, watching random documentaries, visiting museums, going on walks or listening to music – whatever gets you fired up and your juices flowing.

Take advantage of every moment for ideas to come to you, even if it might seem inconvenient. Driving in the car is a tricky combination of prime idea-having time (the repetitive tasks and being in motion trigger creativity in many people) but also dangerous and illegal to use that pen and paper or mobile phone app.

The answer here is MessageMia, a hands-free note-taking service that works with your phone. Call the free MessageMia number and record your message. It’s transcribed and emailed back to you. Simple and safe to make the most of every minute of great ideas.

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