How to Get the Hands-Free Autopilot Life


How to Get the Hands-Free Autopilot Life

Self-driving cars still have a few hurdles to make it over before we can take our hands off the wheel and read, snooze or write on our journeys but there are still plenty of things you can set on autopilot in the meantime.

IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier are two behind-the-scenes automations that link pretty much all your apps, accounts, devices, websites and wearables. Use for business and home in nearly limitless combinations. Build recipes or zaps to trigger automatic actions that can join up your social media, to-do list app, note taking, calendar, email and payments just for starters. Log, track, share and sync everything without lifting a finger.

Home automation isn’t growing as fast as pundits predicted and often seems focussed on security but has so much potential to save time as well as money. Put your home on autopilot with programmable and internet-linked lights, heating, sensors, entertainment and cameras. Have your thermostat and lights adjust automatically when you get home and so much more. It will save time and money and wildly impress your friends.

There really is an app for anything meaning you can access pretty much any service instantly at your fingertips. Have apps work out your most efficient commute, organise your travel, track your spending, find a plumber, be your fitness instructor and fulfil your every whim. You can even turn your phone into a full blown personal assistant with services from Google, Amazon and the big boys or DIY it out with Tasker.

Take notes while driving the hands-free way. Call up MessageMia on your phone and leave a recording that is transcribed and emailed back to you. Safe, legal and making the most of productive journey time when your mind wanders and you have great ideas or just want to brain-dump your to-do list.

You can even use the magic of IFTTT and Zapier mentioned above, to have all your MessageMia emails get put straight into your to-do list app, a new document or spreadsheet for review or directly into your calendar. Forward them to your assistant or project management system for even more hands-free organisation.

So driverless cars might not be on your street yet but now you’ve got everything on autopilot how will you be spending all the extra time and energy?

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