Monthly Archive September 2016


Who can get the most out of MessageMia?

MessageMia is a versatile hands-free tool to make sure you don’t forget great ideas while driving. So who can get the most out of MesssageMia?

The quick answer is that anyone spending time in the car can benefit from using Mia. Whether it’s a daily commute, business trips or holiday travel. If you have an idea or remember a thought while driving you can use MessageMia. Work through your shopping list on the way to the supermarket, rehearse for a speech, make a note to buy flowers or post a card.

If you are a manager of a fleet or a business owner, then you need Mia not just for yourself but for your employees. Health and safety concerns are your responsibility and providing MessageMia to your workers will help you manage the risks. Hands-free and with no special equipment needed everyone can use Mia to make their drives safe, legal and productive.

Because writers are always mulling over their books and the open road encourages an open mind, a lot of thinking happens when driving. Coming up with that perfect sentence is a thrill – but not being able to write it down and then forgetting is an incredible frustration. Writing advice says to always have a pen and paper or note-taking app ready for when inspiration strikes. But what happens when inspiration strikes in the car? MessageMia is what you need.

Entrepreneurs can have their MessageMia transcriptions forwarded on to a VA to get started on their to-do list. Rather than a phone call you can dictate as and when you have ideas, in short chunks and when you aren’t distracted. The recordings are transcribed and emailed back so you can begin taking action straight away.

MessageMia is flexible for anyone’s needs, and everyone knows what it’s like to have a great idea while driving and then forget it. Not anymore.