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In Car Virtual Assistant - MessageMia

  • Hands-free on-the-go note taking and hands-free thought recorder with MessageMia, your in car virtual assistant. Never forget an idea or task by recording it immediately by transcribing audio to text (text message & email).
  • Make the most of your time in the car. MessageMia allows you to jot down thoughts and things you need to get done – safely.
  • Think out loud without needing any special equipment. Works with your phone and usual hands-free
  • Automatic transcribing with a low cost, simple subscription model. No contracts or outsourcing hassles. Cancel at any time!

The Message Mia in car virtual assistant fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle to capture those important to-do list items, new tasks, ideas and notes. Whatever your system for getting things done you have the simplest possible collection device – call Message Mia and relay your audio message. It is perfect when you are driving or would rather be hands-free.

MessageMia is an in car virtual assistant for you

The monthly subscription offers speedy transcription of audio to text and delivers messages up to one minute long. No waiting for secretaries or assistants, or having to do it yourself. Get an email transcription and copy of your voice recording to enter into your to-do list, project management or notes app. It all happens for you.

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