In Car Virtual Assistant - MessageMia

Automatic transcribing with a low cost, simple subscription model. No contracts or outsourcing hassles. Cancel at any time!

Hands-free note taking

Hands-free thought recorder with MessageMia, your in car virtual assistant. Never forget an idea or task by recording it immediately by transcribing audio to text (text message & email).

Increase productivity

Make the most of your time in the car. MessageMia allows you to jot down thoughts and things you need to get done – safely.

Think out loud

Without needing any special equipment. Works with your phone and usual hands-free

An in car virtual assistant for you

The Message Mia in car virtual assistant fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle to capture those important to-do list items, new tasks, ideas and notes. Whatever your system for getting things done you have the simplest possible collection device – call Message Mia and relay your audio message. It is perfect when you are driving or would rather be hands-free.

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MessageMia and Getting Things Done

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